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How to bond at Amadeus

Autoroute A8

Autoroute A8

I have to say, the central topic of discussion that I have with every employee at Amadeus is one’s commute.  It is so critical to everyone that a newcomer properly manages this aspect of their daily life.   It is the crucial factor in choosing one’s apartment; more so than amenities and safety of the neighborhood.  It is clear no one likes spending time in their car; a direct opposite approach than Americans.  They cringe at something that may take 20-30 minutes.   The Europeans quickly calculate how that commute impacts your entire week whereas Americans are more myopic and only understand the commute as one event.  The American would say “oh 45 minutes, that isn’t too bad of a commute” yet the European quickly calculates in that figure into 45 x (2 trips / day) x (5 days in a week) and thinking “wow that’s 7.5 hours of my week spent in a car”.  More  specifically here in the Côte d’Azur region is the infamous A8 highway – the single highway of the region following the Mediterranean coast of France.  It is a highway plagued with traffic and bottlenecks.

So how am I handling this future aspect of my life?  Well I am still going to research apartments in Nice which would require me to commute along A8 to get to Amadeus.  It is all a balancing act as Nice is the true city and the other options are technically towns (Antibes, Grasse, Cannes, etc.).  The other factors pulling me towards Nice are cheaper rents, proximity to the airport and train station and finally activities to do during the winter and weekends.  (Some of these towns can get quite sleepy on the off-season particularly for a single person.)  So the question on the table is that rough commute worth it for the others factors?  We’ll see what I will decide after spending Thursday with the realtor.  There is an option to take the bus to work which is cheap and a good system (when not on strike).  At least that option I don’t have the headache and I can read or decompress.

Today, I am becoming a bit nervous.

Sidenote: I will frequently say Europeans in my posts instead of French.  This choice is explicit because of the international make-up of my colleagues and their influences.  I may be living in France but I am having the most diverse work experience possible here at Amadeus.

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  1. Janet Smith
    2 June 2010 at 12:34 pm

    So cool Scott! I’m envious and excited to ‘share’ your journey online!

  2. Scott in Philly
    2 June 2010 at 9:30 pm

    Don’t be nervous Scott, lovely posts and glad you have so much diversity there, I’m sure you’ll learn a lot!

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