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California, here I come!

Well here are the results of my apartment hunting today.  First, I am glad that I stuck to my intuition focused on Nice.  It isn’t as big as Philadelphia, but it is a city none the less.  It will feel good to be back in a setting where I can go out my door and walk to where I need to go.  Plus the #230 bus is in the vicinity of both finalist that I can easily take to and from work.  As a back up, I will still proceed to buy a car to have a set of wheels of my own.  Of course parking will be a challenge.

I saw eight (8) total apartments with a mixture of furnished and unfurnished.  With furnished apartments not only can you count on furniture already in the apartment but your kitchen will have all appliances.  On the other hand, unfurnished ones you have more liberty with what you do with the apartment but that may also include buying your own kitchen appliances as the space may truly be bare bones.

Overall I feel really good about today’s adventure.  I’m coming out of the adventure with choices and not just stuck with one acceptable choice.  So here is the low-down the two finalists.

Boulevard Gambetta

Boulevard Gambetta

Apartment 1 – This one is a classic French apartment on the Boulevard Gambetta: spiral staircase to the 4th floor, elevator in the middle, vaulted ceilings, tall windows, looks out the street below.  It is very spacious as it has three rooms plus a kitchen.  The kitchen itself is big enough to house an eating table.  It already has most appliances with the exception of a clothes washer (there are hook-ups so I just would have to buy one and get it installed).  So I could easily have guests stay with me and everyone have their privacy.  So what are the negatives?  Lack of closet space; further from work/longer commute; heat and water separate billing; no A/C; a bit of a walk from the bay.

Avenue de la Californie

Avenue de la Californie

Apartment 2 – This one is a unique modern urban experience.  It is split across two floors giving me two balconies where I can actually see the bay!  Recently refurbished and a brand new, big kitchen including a clothes washer.  Lots of closet space!  A very sexy shower that is all tile.  Even though only a one bedroom, I could use this additional small space as my office; big enough for a table, chair and my computer.  Only a block away from the beach.  I could definitely have a lot more fun decorating this space.  Heat and water are included in the payment.  Finally, it is further down on the bus line towards work.  So what are the negatives?  Being that it is smaller, when I have guests it will be a bit cozy.  Of course, should I really have my guests determine my living space so much?  They are only going to be in my place a few times a year.  The actual address is what brings this one all the way home – Avenue de la Californie.  Yes, it would just be like living in California with French sub-titles.

Both places will have parking challenges for my car.  I will expect to spend another 100E / month to find a garage.

So tonight I will have to sleep on it and tell the agent which one I am going with. . . . oh these big decisions!  Give me feedback!

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  1. karen
    3 June 2010 at 10:25 pm

    the small size is not a negative it’s a positive…that way guests stay at a nearby hotel so they remain friends…unless you want them “really close” to you!
    i’d go with the 2 balconies one!
    the only plus about the large one is can’t you make one of the rooms into a walk in closet? be like SJP in sex in the city and go wild with a walkin!

    keep the emails coming!

  2. Janet Smith
    4 June 2010 at 1:07 am

    Wow, view of the beach and 2 levels… that would do it for me! Refurbished is good too.

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