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What makes one happy? No parking tickets!

So week 1 finally comes to close.  I have purchased 1.5 of the 3 things I need to really feel established.  Today I officially bought my French iPhone having service with Orange.  Any of you may now reach me at +33(0)  Hopefully I can now be closer to my colleagues at work since I won’t be an international call away. I actually got wonderful service at Orange (once I found it inside the big mall of Nice Étoile) as the young woman spoke very slow French so that I could understand everything.

Orange - France Telecom

Orange - France Telecom

Usually the process takes 10-15 minutes and at that point I had plenty of time on my ticket for parking.  (For my Philly friends, Nice has similar kiosks like PPA has now.)  Of course being that I am an American and my paperwork was slightly different the system wasn’t allowing her to put me into the system.  So she had to call the main headquarters and do the whole process manually.  Slowly time ticked away and my time had expired on the slip of paper currently on my dashboard.  The woman was so kind and apologetic that I didn’t say anything about my parking situation.  I figured I would just take the ticket as getting this phone was a top priority for me today.  Finally everything got settled and I walked out with my new iPhone, phone cover and active service.  I mall walked to the car knowingly that I am 30 minutes over what my ticket warranted.  To my surprise, there wasn’t a ticket!  Off I went down the road to head back home only to hit good ol’ beach traffic along the way.

The other .5 is my apartment.  I did officially put in a verbal request for the Avenue de la Californie place and scheduling a day next week to do the formal paperwork and payment.  I can’t wait to have my space.  The hotel/residence that I am staying at is fine but it is a total mess.  I have clothes and paperwork everywhere.  I could not have any guests over now.  I just want to have my own home.

So how do I feel after one week?  Fantastic! Really I do.  Things are just coming together.  Amadeus I can tell already is a good place to work.  It is a solid company and they take care of their employees.  There is still a rush to get our projects completed but it still is no where near the stress level in the States.  We had a departmental retreat on Tuesday which was perfect for me to get to know everyone in the department.  The department is going through a big process flow change on how to execute projects and me being the newbie will be a key change agent.  At the retreat, we were broken into groups for an activity and then we had to orally present our findings.  I volunteered to present for our group and the presentation went very well.  I got a lot of compliments on my presentation skills and my boss already warned me to turn down any job offers from the trainers. 😉 Then Friday we had a bigger meeting announcing the process flow change and renaming of the department.  So we have a new look and feel.  This change clearly has the support from above by upper leadership.  So far I enjoy the dynamic of the team, there is a real sense of collaboration with the process change.  Everyone seemed to buy into it because it just makes sense.

Even on a personal level, I just have to say I am getting an overall good vibe from my colleagues.  Most are expats themselves in one way or another.  Even the French colleagues have had a history of living outside of France.  So there is an openness and sharing of experiences and I do not feel alone in any way.  Particularly with my new French cell number and getting settled in my apartment, I hope to strengthen the bonds with my colleagues even further.

Several times this week I have pondered how beautiful of an opportunity this is.  I am not sure how I got here nor realizing just how lucky I am.  Of course nothing is perfect and I will post something in the near future of my frustrations to come.  Yet stepping back and seeing the whole picture – it still is a beautiful picture.

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