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Time to Lose Weight

Room 219 please . . .

Room 219 called

Yep, I did it – I broke the toilet ring that you sit on.  I think this is a clear signal for . . . something.

In my defense, this toilet lid (double-click image for a closer view) is truly a piece of crap.  It is the flimsiest toilet lid/ring I have ever experienced.  Plus it was already cracked when I checked-in.  I didn’t think much of it until these last two nights where I got sudden wake up calls as shards of plastic go flying in the air.  I won’t even go into describing the expression on the lady’s face when I went to the front desk for a new toilet lid.  Ironically though, she had one handy right behind the desk . . . a little specious, eh? Anyways, the lid is still the box in the corner of my room.  I have yet to find the energy to actually replace this thing . . . .

But let’s talk about private spaces . . . like your office space.  The biggest adjustment I am going to have is the open space design at Amadeus.  For those of you in the know of my INTJ personality, having an office for the past 5 years has been crucial for my productivity levels.  Before I have been use to speaker phones, audible music and having my co-workers have a clear understanding of the differences between closed door, open door, partially open door and cracked open door.  I do not need to be constantly surrounded by people to feel a purpose in life.  Now I am in an open room and sharing it with 4 other individuals; no cubicle walls just open tables.  Forget about speaker phones, I get nervous about just using the phone in general.  Then having a conversation with just one of my colleagues I don’t what voice level to use: normal, cubicle or whisper.  Then do I totally ignore the others as to not distract them or do I casually acknowledge them as not to be rude?  As far as the music, Amadeus is smart enough to furnish everyone with headphones. 😉  I looked around at the different philosophies out there and supposedly there is a lot of research that points to increased productivity of the workforce in an open environment like Amadeus has – on the one condition the staff accepts it.  The key word in the research is collaboration, that open space leads to it and consequently you have a better product/service.  On the other hand I did find one guy will to stand up and saying open space is bull (make sure to scroll down to read his point).  His keyword is distraction and that open space environment is over-hyped.  He states people by default need private time to really focus and produce but you have open space easily accessible for those collaborative moments.  Don’t live in them, just have them right around the corner.

For now, let’s see how Scott Baker handles his open space.  Of course stepping onto the open terrace around the corner for a coffee break in the Mediterranean sun quickly makes him forget about this minor but major issue.

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  1. Laurie Mathie
    8 June 2010 at 4:41 am

    I love it!!!!!!!!!! esp the door policy – wish I could have explained that at my last job! the pictures are A-MA-ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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