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Brighter, Bolder, Better . . . yea, that would be me.

So Amadeus recently came out with their marketing strategy for 2010 with the tag lines of Brighter, Bolder, Better. I will say that I am impressed with Amadeus as a company.  They have grown strong over the years in spite of the economic downplays.  They have figured out the travel industry market is literally the global leader in building the technology tools for them.  Yet I am not too impressed with the tag line.  I would be curious what you think about it but I don’t feel that it does the company justice.  I have studied several other media pushing the mantra but in the end I don’t come out feeling like I truly understand what Amadeus or how they are exactly doing it better.   I believe Amadeus is doing things better but it is not being represented well.  I am not alone as on our intranet, employees responded to this corporate  video promoting the tag line with more negative than positive reactions.

So why am I bothering you with this video?  Well the video was shot on-site so you literally get to see the lobby and campus that I work at now.  Of course it is only the first 35 seconds before the ball is bounced into other corners of the global.  Remember we do have offices everywhere and the video is demonstrating that connectedness.  So yes, every day under the Mediterranean sun I pass those big olive trees and pass through the big sliding glass doors. 🙂  Brighter, Bolder, Better.

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