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Did You Know That Noah Was French?

Okay, today I cannot avoid the topic today – the floods.

Var river emptying into the Mediterranean

Var river emptying into the Mediterranean

First of all, I am fine and the floods making the news are not directly impacting me in any way.  The devastation is in the area but it is in a département just west of where I am located called Var.  The cities of Nice (where I live) and Antibes  (where I work) are only getting normal thunderstorms.  It has been raining off and on but it has all has been gentle for the most part.  It is not coming down viciously like it is in Var.  This tragedy is real, if you have seen the images on the téléSeveral communities in Var have neither electricity nor running water.  Roads are torn up as if an earthquake occurred and bridges are literally torn from their structures.  The French government is having emergency meetings on how to execute a clean-up plan and how to pay for it.  Even though I am not in midst of it, I can see it’s effects here in the French Riviera.  Yesterday I discovered CAP 3000, a local mall in Nice where I could find a Galleries Lafayette (a French version of Macy’s) so that I can buy some linens.  Of course here in the Côte d’Azur the mall is right on the shores of the Mediterranean and when you walk out the door you see the view pictured to the above (you can click it to make it bigger).  What is important to take note of this picture is how brown the water is – very abnormal.  If you look closely there is a blue line along the horizon; that is how the water should look.  But the Var river empties into the Mediterranean near CAP 3000 and bringing all the debris from the floods with it explaining the color change.

north side

north side

The rain, in of itself, is just odd this time of year for Côte d’Azur.  They had some rain in early May (typical) but to have it now in mid-June is a classic curve ball to the meteorologist.  Yet we are getting front row seating at this rare performance from work.  These pictures are from our terrace at work where we take our coffee breaks (yes, I did just say that).  We could look to the north towards the mountains and see dreadful, lurching clouds clearly coating the villages of Valbonne and Grasse.  Then turn 180 degrees to the south towards the sea and see beautiful clear skies – how it should be this time of year.  Clearly something is going on in the skies.

south side

south side

Please note this pictures are not of the same storms that are in the news; the real stuff is further west than what you are looking at.

In other news today . . . I did stay at my new apartment for the first time last night on my brand new air mattress.  One of my objectives this Saturday is to buy a bed and get it delivered.  Then today I got some kitchen supplies . . . from another employee at Amadeus.  One benefit of working at such a global firm where there is good mix of employees and contractors is that as people arrive, people leave.  There is intranet web site accessible to us that allows employees to post things for sale.  I saw a posting for various kitchen stuff as this employee is leaving the area.  A big relief for me so I don’t have to buy everything brand new. Boy, I can’t wait for my French credit card – these international transaction fees are killing me.

More cloud displays outside of work

More cloud displays outside of work

As far as the location of the apartment, I have to say I am going to get spoiled quickly having the beach just a block away for night-time strolls. 😉

Final note, I am picking up my Twingo tomorrow after work! 🙂

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