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Reality sets in . . . . all 7 of them.

1) This morning I started my day finding the elevator wide open waiting for me. Believing this was some random act of generosity by fate, the dream shattered.  The elevator ended up being en panne – (broken).  It was not moving and started my journey down 7 flights of stairs to get out of the building.  Sigh.  Of course it wasn’t too bad going down but I was already loathing coming home and having to go up.  I was even planning to grocery shopping after work and that was looking at little bleak at the moment.

2) Today I did finally get around to taking the bus to work.  It is another reason why I enjoy my apartment because I have choices in how to get to work.  The bus stop is literally around the corner and it takes me straight to Amadeus.  You can’t ask for anything better . . . or can you ?



You do have to accept that it is a bus and it has to stop at several places.  I found myself becoming anxious because I wanted to get going even though I wasn’t in control.  I wasn’t even late for work, I just wanted to get going.  I find it all strange having those feelings since I spent my past 10 years in Philadelphia relying on public transportation.  The reality here in my commute is that the traffic has gotten worse and now I am understanding what people were talking about. Yesterday’s drive home by car and today’s ride home by bus both took an hour.  Up until recently I have been able to drive to work in 30 minutes ; an average commute.  Of course timing has a lot to do with it, these last few days I have going in later and consequently leaving work later.  I believe if I continue to being counter-culture to the French ways (getting up late) and heading out early, I can get ahead of the traffic.

3) It is very typical in Europe that every window and screen door has an internal metal shutter.  With the shutter you have a crank on the inside to raise and lower.    Mostly it is a security feature but it also keeps the heat and sun out.  Well I have been enjoying the sunlight and haven’t used them since moving in.  Finally I decided to lower the one in my bedroom that leads out to the upstairs terrace as I left for work.  Then I could come home to a nice cool apartment.  Well what went down, stayed down.  I cannot get the bloody thing to raise ; it just makes a horrific noise.  So now instead looking out to the Mediterranean Sea from my bed, I only see a metal shield.  My bedroom has become a cave. Luckily since it occurred in my first month here, I reported it to my propriétaire to be fixed.  I believe by law he has to fix.

4) I am still without Internet / TV / phone at my apartment.  It is killing me that I can’t be in better touch with folks back home.  I did though get a letter from Orange (France Telecom) acknowledging my request.  Of course I had to sign several sheets of paper and put it back in the mail.  Within 15 days I should recieve the needed converter box to plug into the wall and I should magically have all three. I have resorted to buying one these new 3G keys that I can plug into my computer and use my cell phone network.  Unfortunately that is something where I had to pay for certain amount of hours and it isn’t unlimited.

5) There is a mysterious bag in the outside hallway that has a funky odor. I have no idea where it came from but it clearly has some food leftovers that are rotting.  If no one claims it soon, I will have to throw it away myself.

6) When I got home I was relieved that the elevator was back in service.  I continued on with my journey to do some grocery shopping.  All was well with that excursion except for the fact I realized how many more things I still need to buy – what I would do for a good bread knife right now.

7) I also got a message from Air France as I had applied for their credit card so I can rack up some frequent flyer points.  So after listening to the voice-mail several times, I finally figured out the number to call them back.  Tonight I sat down to return their call at rough 6:55 p.m.  I got through just fine to the agent who then stated he needed some additional information in order to process my application.  One thing he needed was my net income (after social taxes) and not my brut income (before social taxes).  So I had my first pay stub in front of me but got flustered in trying to find that number out as I had to take it times 12.  Well in the process I hit the wrong button on my iPhone and hung up on the guy.  Ooops.  Well double-oops. It is now 7:02 and the phone lines close at 7:00. I couldn’t get back through.  I’ll have to try again later this week.

Just around the corner

Just around the corner

So is all this frustration worth it ? Absolutely.  There is no paradise but you can easily forget it all when you have a beach.  I am typing away on my laptop literally on the beach as the night comes rolling into Nice.  There is lots of activity around me from taking a late swim, enjoying a pizza to going for a late night run on the promenade.  Ahhhhhhh . . .

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  1. Jeffrey
    15 July 2010 at 3:36 pm

    . . . Scott, do you have a new haircut?

    • London
      15 July 2010 at 3:44 pm

      you’ll just have to come out to visit me to see if I do have a new haircut. 😉

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