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What?! I Am Not THAT Rude.

Oh my God, I am so euphoric now that I don’t know how to act. I am typing away on my laptop in my apartment in the French Riviera.  Yes I have Internet, and a fixed phone line with free calls to the States, and digital TV to expand my French vocabulary.

I hope none of you thought that I have become rude and blew everyone off just because I have left the country for a place that has way better weather.  My absence from this blog has been due to a myriad of reasons and of course I will explain.

OuvertCan I blame it all on France? Not at all.  Yes, things do go slowly here in the Hexagon.  Yes, everyone rolls their eyes when you mention Orange/France Telecom.  Yes, it did take almost 6 weeks to get my access codes.  However there also the additional factors of a language barrier, being a working professional confining a lot of activities to Saturdays, hosting friends who are visiting and most importantly – the fact they had my account connected to a unit on the 5th floorI live on the 7th floor. 🙂  Yes, on Saturday the engineer from Orange gracefully assessed the situation, rather quickly, and went to the basement of the building and down to the corner of the street to align all the inner connections of what makes a telephone line, a telephone line.  Then we plugged the converter box back in and voila!  I got beautiful solid orange lights instead of nasty blinking red ones.

Then we tested the phone – it works! Finally we moved to the television.  Here we realized I needed a couple of peripherals as I just bought the LED television that required a different cable.  Then I became impressed with Orange in spite of its reputation. He, the engineer, actually came back later in the afternoon to ensure everything was working.   He allowed me to run to the Orange boutique at the mall to buy the necessary items while he went to his other two appointments!  Beautiful.

Now here is something to really go with your pain paysan and brie, an expert on wine.  After he came back and we got the television working, we moved to a casual conversation (in French) about wines as he was originally from the Bordeaux region.  He then proceeded to explain to me the difference of a “N” and a “R” on the corks of a bottle of wine.  N is for negocié meaning the distributor chose grapes from more than one vineyard to make the vine.  R is for reservé meaning that all the grapes came from only one vineyard, one plant, one type of soil, one process.  So in other words, the R’s are looked at as more pure and consequently slightly higher in price.  Trust me the N’s are not bad here and I drink them regularly but now I know the difference and which one I should get as gifts for friends. 😉  Of course I am slightly resentful of the fact that none of my current French friends took the time to show me this crucial piece of information in order to be a human being of status.  I had to wait to get my Internet installed.

As the sun begins to set behind my apartment and I look out to the sea, I will tell you to be prepared for more blogs.  I am officially open for in business.

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