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Where in the World is Scott Baker?

27 June 2011 Leave a comment

He is somewhere between virginally happy and prosaically normal.  Before I go any further I have to hold my head shamefully in the spotlight of this Mediterranean pageantry.  Almost 3 months of nothing to post?!!  Yes, yes I know.  I am sorry.  This stage has been silent for way too long.  Some of you may have gotten worried.  I may have disappointed my critics.  I may have put doubt in my fans of ever wanting to come back.  I may need to sell my front row tickets at half-price. In any case, I hope I have the charm that last longer than a good opiate.

So what have I been doing?  Where I have been going?  Well I have been on the last trek of this 1-year marathon to reach the finish line of fully becoming a resident of France.  What was the prize to show for it?  A piece of cheap plastic with my black-and-white photo.   I have climbed my mountain of paperwork for 2010 in order to renew my carte de séjour (work permit), declare my French taxes and file my American taxes.  My frugality recently paid off my car loan followed by another year’s worth of insurance.  Now that Twingo is 100% mine!  I have mastered my work commute patterns empowered by a regional bus pass that lasts a whole year!  I have allocated my profit sharing from Amadeus the way I want even though my letter some how got lost in the mail.  I raced to get that paperwork submitted to a FAX number that busier than Sarkosy’s personal cell phone.  Finally I am swimming solo with my work projects and meeting my deadlines.  I guess you could say I have gone through a second puberty to become an adult (again) with a different accent.

All of these tasks are happening while I am still without Internet and a fixed telephone line giving me free calls to the States.  I have been in this situation since February and the battle continues.  Am I having a true initiation to the French fraternity here?  Absolutely not; I simply picked a bad apple on this one.  Even my French colleges are shocked my situation continues.  So what is the root of my problem?  The telephone line into my apartment from the main box in the building is dead – literally dead.  You can’t send a signal through it.  Why?  No one knows.  It was way back in February that fateful evening I came home from work and discovered a blinking red light on my Internet modem.  So what is the resolution?  I won’t go into the boring details but I have a lawyer working on my case.  Even with the threat of a lawyer’s letter, I am amazed how my Italian rental agency is dragging their heels.

Var region of southern France

Var region of southern France

So was this marathon worth it? Well recently I was swimming in a desolate cove in the Var region of this Mediterranean coastline. There with some new friends, I was renewed with the emotion that a dream has been realized.  I can’t forget this fact as I keep my eyes forward.  Dreams are not easy, cheap or frivolous.  Dreams are our definitions; the sculptures of our souls.

So I answer the question with a question.  Have you ever met someone who ran a marathon and regretted it?

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