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Crime, Crime, Everywhere

Many have shared concerned when I lived in Philadelphia, a leader in murder rates in the United States.  Well I always felt safe there as long as you avoided key neighborhoods and just keep aware of your surroundings.  I often took public transportation at night without allowing fear to get the best of me.

Of course Europe is often looked at as a paradise immune to street violence that Americans accept as ‘normal way of life‘.  I would say that overall, that statement is very true.  I am not naive enough to let me garde completely down here, but on the other hand the French news isn’t obsessed with fear and how ‘bad‘ it is out there with violence.

Violence still does occur.  Nice just experienced an Italian mafia crime scene this past week; read further details from this blog.

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  1. 16 February 2012 at 2:30 pm

    Read this post and the one you referenced about the “mean streets of Nice.” It makes crime in Philly seem so random; definitely less organized. Be safe, my friend!

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